Code of ethic

Code of ethic

The Santarelli Group focuses on the theme of social responsibility meant as integration between the ethics and the business strategic vision in order to achieve a correct and effective management of potential issues and to reach the objective of a social impact in all its activities.
The Santarelli Group has identified some tenets as for its relating with reality in which it works: production and cooperation with the territory, even through employees and external consultants actions, and the promotion of positive messages regarding culture, sport and social aggregation.

Code of ethic

On June 14th 2010, the board of directors has adopted a Code of Ethics that defines all the values and principles regarding the business activities, that the Company has identified and shared with all its employees.
Santarelli Costruzioni SpA recognizes legacy, correctness and transparency as essential conditions to reach its economical, productive and social objectives. The Company, through the adoption of this Code, aims at defining the guidelines for its business activities and identifying all the principles and rules with a positive ethical value.
The approved dispositions are consequently binding for all the employees.

The vigilance committee

Organismo di Vigilanza

The Vigilance Committee has been set up to provide all the interested parties, internal and external, with an innovative instrument of communication regarding the Code of Ethics afferent themes.

The Vigilance Committee has the following tasks:
• Collect and examine all the notifications of violation;
• Confirm the starting of the investigation procedure following up the notification;
• Provide clarifications regarding the Code of Ethics;
• Communicate all the measures taken after the notifications;

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