The mission

Behind the Santarelli Company’s hundred years in business, nowadays transformed into a nationally and internationally renowned group, is the strong value of family tradition, the priceless knowledge of having seen an activity created from my grandfather’s sweat grow and expand, and today become a solid, acclaimed and esteemed Group.

One hundred years of satisfaction and sacrifice. One hundred years of important aims that have been achieved, and of constant commitment to quality and professionalism.

But, there is also the important \”treasure”\ of relations based on the value of Man that comes before the market and its rules.
“State of the art” is the slogan that has accompanied our Company over the years, precisely because our first rule has always been and always will be that of quality: quality in professional relations, but more than anything in human relations with a focus on individuals.

During the hundred years of “entrepreneurial life” it is precisely these ethics that have been the pillar on which our Group has grown. Ethics, tradition and innovation with the contribution of Cav. Lav. Pietro Santarelli’s children, Felice, Susi and Paolo, who managed to bring that added value to the Group that only those looking to the future with clear intentions can guarantee.

This is why, nowadays, the Santarelli Group looks fearlessly towards Europe, safe in the knowledge that their role will always be with a regard to certain values.

Offering professionalism, innovation and quality strictly linked to ethics and with full regard for human values: this has been our “mission” for one hundred years and will continue to be so in the future.