The history

The history

In 1907, an artisan from Ascoli Vincenzo Santarelli and grandfather of Cav. Lav. Pietro worked on the travertine extracted from the mines in his homeland.

His son Felice continued with his father’s work, developing it further afield and, for the first time, his work reached Rome; the latter then became the group’s adopted city although they never forgot their roots in Ascoli.

Santarelli It is Pietro Santarelli who transformed artisan work into a real enterprise, when he set up “Pietro Santarelli Costruzioni” in 1960; from that moment onwards it grew consistently with important works in the public and private building sectors.

In the meantime, the company improved and consolidated its structure even further, transforming itself into Santarelli Costruzioni S.p.A., a leader in the civil and public building sector with national and international interests.

In 1995, Susi, Felice and Paolo Santarelli joined the company after graduating from university. Over the years, the fourth generation held increasingly important levels of responsibility before reaching their present day managerial positions.

In 2000, the Group’s size and abilities gave rise to the implementation of an important variation strategy.

Santarelli Costruzioni S.p.A. became leader of a group of companies, operating in the real estate, tourist-hotel and energy industries that include Inergia S.p.A., a company presently leading the field in renewable energy in Italy and abroad.

After accumulating one hundred years of history, the Santarelli Group is still the same as it always was, dynamic and enterprising, tied to its roots yet open to the world, respecting tradition while welcoming innovation.

An entrepreneurial family united by a century of work that is always carried out with an eye to the future.