Il Ventaglio



Il Ventaglio - Ancona

Monte d’Ago - Quartiere Q2A, Ancona

The housing complex is located in Ancona, in an expanding area called Passo Varano - 'Q2A' quarter - south of the old centre.
The residence, built in the highest part of the quarter, enjoys a wonderful view, and comprises two buildings with private gardens, as well as a landscaped park with pedestrian walkways and children's play areas, only for condominium use.

Expected delivery date: 2002

Unit: 20

Marketed by: Santarelli Costruzioni S.p.A.

Sales contacts:
Santarelli Costruzioni S. p. A.

Tel. 0736.34.28.80 r.a.
Fax. 0736.42.527

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